The other day I decided to do my walk for the blog post.  I had been putting it off for some time, wanting to give myself ample hours to photograph and think.  As I normally take a cab, I decided that this time, I would walk from school to home, something I have avoided doing, since the only time I have done it resulted in being followed by a creepy man, and stepping in poo whilst trying to evade him.

This walk on a Tuesday after class from Regents Park to Primrose Hill was unpleasant, because I forced myself to walk along the route a cab would take me, therefore spending a good amount of time on the Outer Circle, surrounded by car noise and exhaust.  When I arrived home and began writing of my experience, my blog post was pessimistic and grumpy to say the least.  My hips were hurting, my ankles, my back, and all for a walk alongside the park rather than through it.  I deleted my post, to begin again later.

The following day was pouring with rain, and for whatever reason, I had a carnal urge to walk again.  This time I was going to walk through the park, rather than alongside it.  Being a Wednesday with ugly weather (well, ugly according to some), hardly anyone was walking through the park.  I nearly had it all to myself.  It was chipmunks, birds, flowers, trees, and wide open pavement.  This walk was the one which would inspire my writing.  Below are photographs of my first walk.  A poem on another blog post entitled ‘Rain March’ was inspired by my second walk.


















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