Tumbling veil of roses, blush pink and red

like apples strung together

fall around her face.

Sucking in smells:



plants crave her majesty’s light,

twitching whiskers in twisting bushes

I revel in nature’s underbelly.

Sweet nectar perfume drips

down, blue sky, falls

valley of a granite storm

Mother’s release of her pain.

Black trees etched in green

mossy skins climb high

reflected naked branches above

in the pavement under reddening thighs.

Nature weeps, she sings in bird song

as men retreat indoors

life within painted walls

gives breath to the rest of the world.

Posted by:thegrapesofrath

Hello and thank you for visiting. My name is Emily, and I am a Gemini with far too many passions. I have been a professional dogwalker in Malibu, a painter at Pepperdine University, a traditional photographer in Italy, a yogi in Boulder, a chef in Scotland, and sommelier in Colorado. I have had a blog since 2009 to chronicle my life away from home, so do forgive my posts from my early years. I have gathered all of my passions into one basket for the purpose of sanity, simplicity, and an artistic blog. Now that I am living in London and pursuing a Masters, I am tying all of my passions together, by means of writing. Happy reading.